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New Contacts Search Enhancement
There is a new enhancement that allows users to search for Contacts without knowing the Company Name as per the below screenshot example: Search by Contact Name (not by company name) in the Case List/Contacts Tab (as per the below screenshot example): This feature is also available...
24 Sep, 2014
Change the Default Date Entry for New Billings
There is also a new enhancement that allows administrators to change the Default date entry for new billings, please go to the Options menu/Financial Settings Tab select the preferred option radio button and click Save and Close as per the below screenshot example: Please note you do not...
24 Sep, 2014
Dedup renamed to Duplicate Contact
The permission that is required to merge companies/contacts under Admin/Manage Users/User Modify/Companies – Is currently named: Can merge company/dedup contacts as per the below example: This permission is being renamed to ‘Can merge duplicate companies and their contacts’ as per...
24 Sep, 2014