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Message Centre
The Message Centre is the repository for all messages and is where to locate the exported or downloaded files from iinsight.  The Message Centre is permanently located in the top, middle section of the iinsight screen at all times. The numbers referenced are the...
30 Jun, 2014
Finance menu (Beta release)
Transactions tab: A consolidated view of all financial records The iinsight Finance menu shown has been released in a Beta version to allow for further development with client feedback. The latest current version displays 3 tabs: Transactions - a list of all financial...
22 Sep, 2014
Exporting Lists
Downloading and exporting files from Finance Menu, Timesheets Menu, Case List Menu, Company List Menu and Charges Menu When clicking the "Export" button you may not see the file downloading directly to your computer, it is first sent to the Message Centre and from here you can download the...
21 Jul, 2014