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Referrer list
The Case List includes a field called "Referral Source" which enables the user to sort cases by the referrer's source. Examples of the referral source are; Insurer, employer, doctor, etc. The field can be "enabled" through the Fields Edit button. The case list export to...
17 Nov, 2014
Billings by Case and Employee Reports
The Billings by Employee (grouped) & Billings by Case Reports shows the time and value billed and grouped by employee or case against the chosen selection criteria. There are three types of Billings by Reports: Billings by Employee Billings by...
23 Jul, 2014
 Franchises can be set up in iinsight so that  business divisions or  franchises can be run as individual entities but  with management and reporting at a corporate level.  The franchises are set up as separate business divisions. Note:  This feature must be...
18 Jun, 2014