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Rounding Costs per Day

Article ID: 130
Last updated: 09 Dec, 2016

The '6 minute daily rounding' feature exists to enable a daily rounding per invoice charge if the activity is less than a 6 minute unit.

For example if a cost is 8 minutes the system will round this cost down to 6 minutes or if a cost is 20 minutes the system will round this cost down to 18 minutes (in divisions of 6).

Begin by going to the Options Menu > Financial Settings, select 'Enable daily rounding setting in Service Contract' as below:

Then go to the Charges Menu, highlight the Service Contract and enable the checkbox for 6 minute daily rounding as shown below marked with the arrow:

6 minute daily rounding is a workcover SA requirement.

After this is done, when adding or editing a cost in the case now using this Service Contract the daily cost rounding will be automatically applied.

For workcover electronic invoice export to work, it needs an invoice template that groups invoice lines by charge code, description and date as follows:

The new invoice template should also be the default invoice template for workcover service contracts.

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