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iinsight 6.0.4 Release Notes

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Last updated: 04 Sep, 2015

IINSIGHT 6.0.4 Release Notes

Admin Notes Formatting

Administrators will be pleased to know we have added another useful new feature which is a new HTML Editor available in Admin Notes to help you format your Admin Notes in Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikethrough, Number list format and Bullet point format as per the below example when creating a new Admin Note:

New iinsight Document Template Variables

We have created some useful new iinsight document template variables including:

  • Current Date : %%CURRENTDATE%%
  • Case Opened Days (length open): %%CASEOPENEDDAYS%%
  • New GP Variables including:
    • GP Full name%%CONTACTFULLNAME,GP%%       
    • GP First Name: %%CONTACTFIRSTNAME,GP%%
    • GP Last Name: %%CONTACTLASTNAME,GP%%
    • GP Contact Company Name: %%CONTACTCOMPANYNAME,GP%%
    • Contact Phone GP: %%CONTACTPHONE1,GP%%
    • Contact Fax GP: %%CONTACTFAX,GP%%
    • Contact Address GP: %%CONTACTADDRESS,GP%%
    • Contact Suburb GP: %%CONTACTSUBURB,GP%%
    • Contact State GP: %%CONTACTSTATE,GP%%
    • Contact Postcode GP: %%CONTACTPOSTCODE,GP%%
    • Contact Email GP: %%CONTACTEMAIL,GP%%
  • Similar variables have also been created for ‘Medical Specialist’ for example:
    • Contact Full Name Medical Specialist: %%CONTACTFULLNAME,MEDICAL SPECIALIST%%  etc.

Please Note: there has to be a ‘contact’ in the case that has a job titleGP’ for the GP variables to pre-populate your documents, the contact does not need to be the ‘Bill To’, ‘Employer ‘or ‘Referrer’ (as per the below example):

There has to be a contact in the case that has a job titleMedical Specialist’ for the ‘Medical Specialist’ variables to work, the contact does not need to be the ‘Bill To’, ‘Employer ‘or ‘Referrer’(as per the below example):

Overpaid Invoices are now being displayed in the ‘Overdue Accounts Aging Detail’ Report

We are including any ‘overpaid invoices’ in the ‘Overdue Accounts Aging Detail’ report to make it consistent with the ‘Overdue Accounts Aging Summary report’

Please see an example screenshot below whereby the overpaid amount will display as a negative value (marked with an arrow):

Case Number is now available for the ‘Billings by Case’ Report

We have now added Case Number to the ‘Billings by Case’ Report:

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