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Document Approval Feature

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Last updated: 16 Nov, 2015

Document Approval Feature

There is a new Document Approval feature now available in iinsight.

This feature allows organisations to centralise their document / report approval processes as part of their operational quality management.

Organisations can choose which Service Contracts they wish to enforce this approval process for. Consultants without the permission to approve documents will have all of the documents that they create for these services contracts labelled as “draft” documents. Draft documents are identified by the use of an amber tick symbol.

Persons with the ability to approve documents will be able to review a document and if satisfied will be able to change the status of this document to “approved”.  Approved documents are identified by the use of a green tick symbol.

Once a document has been approved then it can only be opened as a PDF file. If a user wants to make a change to an approved document then they will first need to set its status back to “draft” so that they can edit the document in its native format.

Changes to the document approval process are also recorded with the Case Log for that file for quick reference on who and when a document was approved.

There is also a new report called “Document review report” that allows persons with permissions the ability to view a list of all cases and their associated documents that require approving and this can be filtered by a date range and service contract.

There is a new permission under Admin/Manage Users/User Modify called ’Can Approve Documents’ to have access for approval as shown below:

There is also a new setting to enable ‘Document Approval’ for an individual Service Contract on the right hand side of the Charges Menu/Options Tab called ‘Enable Document Approval’ as shown below with an arrow:

Once the setting is enabled for the related Service Contract you are using, you can then view in the Case List/Documentation menu the new button which toggles between Approve doc/Set doc to draft:

As you will see from the below screenshot, when you select Approve doc the approved icon is green and when the document is waiting for approval the icon is orange (Draft)

Document Review Report

There is a new Document Review Report available in the Reports menu which lists all documents across all cases as below:

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