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June 2015 - IINSIGHT Employee Rates Enhancements

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Last updated: 08 Feb, 2016

June 2015 - IINSIGHT Employee Rates Enhancements

Feature 1:  The ability to apply a new employee rate to all activities in the Service Contract via the Charges Menu -  An example of when this can be very useful is when you have 3 Service Contracts and an employee whose rate differs from each Service Contract but has the same hourly rate for all activities in each Service Contract, instead of setting this up individually for each Activity it is now much quicker to set up by simply selecting the new checkbox: “Apply the same rate to all activities in the Service Contract.”

Feature 2: Option to assign multiple employees when creating a case.  This can be applicable when for example, you have a case that requires 2 people, adding costs such as a psychologist and a physiotherapist, one person may be the case manager and the other person may be an additional employee requiring access to the case for adding costs and modifying information:

New field in the Charges Menu with User Hourly Rate. The Employee drop down has also been moved to the top of the charges page as below:

  • New financial setting in Options/Financial Settings called “Both” that uses Employee Rates when the standard list Employee Rates aren’t defined (please see below):

Previously, users, just had options for creating User rates ‘per employee/hour’ or ‘per employee/billing’ (activities/Items), however, now there is an option to select ‘Both’. When Both is selected  first of all the system looks for an ‘Employee Rate’ in the ‘Charges Menu’ and if there isn’t one created there it then looks in Admin/Manage Users for the rate there.

An example of this is when you need to add a user rate for an ‘assessment’ and the user has the same rate for most activities apart from this, you can then set this specific rate up in the Charges menu while the usual rate is set up via Admin/Manage Users.

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