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Invoices Overview

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Last updated: 23 Jul, 2014

Invoices may be generated in several ways:

  1. Via Quicklinks Invoice Wizard in a 5 steps process.
  2. Via the selected case Accounts menu.

The Reports menu can then reproduce all invoices that have been generated. These can subsequently be viewed, printed and/or emailed.

Group Invoices by Charge Code and Description

Invoices may be Grouped by "charge code, description and date" or "charge code and month", if desired. Under the Options tab, please select Invoice Templates and highlight the invoice template you would like to use as below:



Next select either Edit or New to get the option to ‘Group by Charge Code, Description and Date’ or Group by Charge Code and Month as per below screenshot:


Export to PDF all invoices at once as separate documents - one file per invoice

This time saving feature allows the user to export to PDF all invoices at once as separate documents (PDF files).

You need to run your invoice report first of all selecting the desired criteria as per the below screenshot example:


Then choose the option to PDF Export individual files as per the below screenshot highlighted by the arrow:

It’s also possible to do this after creating new invoices through Quick Links.

Also listed in
folder User manual -> Accounting -> Invoicing

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