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Electronic Invoices

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Last updated: 09 Dec, 2016

An electronic invoice places the invoice in CSV format for companies that require electronic invoices, which can be done from the Reports menu, Invoices Report.

To create the electronic invoice, ensure that the invoice run has been completed.  Then in the Reports menu in the Invoices Report when selecting the criteria, check the following box: "WorkCover South Australia CSV Format" and click Export.

After clicking Export open the file in Notepad to continue the process.  An example of the file that appears is:

For workcover electronic invoice export to work, it needs an invoice template that groups invoice lines by charge code, description and date as follows:

The new invoice template should also be the default invoice template for workcover service contracts.

Note: Employers Mutual (EML) in South Australia requires that invoices must be submitted electronically for Workcover SA Service Level contracts. 
For further details, please refer to the SA Workcover documentation....
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