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How Do I Create a Case Notes Template

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Last updated: 11 Jun, 2014

´╗┐How do I create a Case Notes Template?

Useful enhancements to the case notes functionality include:
1)      Ability to create case note templates
2)      Ability to assign variables (as in the document  templates) to a case note template
3)      Ability to select these case note templates when entering in an Activity or Item
The templates are initially created by accessing the iinsight Options menu (please see below):
Then select the tab called "Clinical Notes Templates" Tab as shown below:
Select New to create a new template:
The 'Create a New Clinical Note Template' Box will open as below:
Insert your Clinical Note Title and start writing your clinical note (You may also insert an Office Add-On Variable from the drop down list if required) :
You can create your clinical note template as per the below example then select Save:

You can now create another Clinical Note Template by following the same process.

You can then apply these shortcuts to to improve the quality of the documenation and save time when adding similar text to your case notes.

Simply add an Activity or Item and select the Case Note Template you wish to use... In the example below, the user selects "Phone call to client"...

The resulting case note then includes the content text.  Users can select multiple Notes Templates and build on these by adding one after the other...

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